The SEED Gallery and the Society for Art of Imagination





Curated by: France Garrido, Olga Spiegel and Miguel Tió


May 9th - July 25th, 2009

Opening Reception: May 9th, 2:30 ~ 6 pm
Closing Party: June 13th 2:30 ~ 6 pm


While all artists need a certain vision to create, this group deals in imaginative work of a higher realm. These fantastic and highly imaginative artists have created astounding works that reflect the theme of the exhibition in their own unique way.

The Society for Art of Imagination in partnership with SEED Gallery, presents an exhibition featuring the work of 47 International Artists.

Exhibiting Artists: Gizem Bacaz, Bhatboy, Ingeborg Bratman Leonard Brett, Vincent Castiglia, Michel de St. Ouen, Thomas Durham, Valeriy Dyshlov, Eike Erzmoneit, Alex Fishgoyt, Alphonse Ferrazza, Carolyn Frances, France Garrido, Guanlee, Daniel Hanequand, Kariuki Kafiri, Mildred Kaye, Kristina Lazar, Shelagh Leech, Scott Lewis, Laurie Lipton, Brigid Marlin, Sheila Marlin, James Mbuthia, Richard Montemurro, Jo Owens Murray, Voytek Nowakowski, William Otto, Vladimir Ovtcharov, Daniela Ovtcharov, Steven Peabody, Maria Graha Pellegrino, Marnie Pitts, Jean Pronovost, Frank Pudney, Jack Ray, Anthony Santella, Rick Simpson, Carol Spicuzza, Olga Spiegel, Maggie Stott, Ruth Terrill, Miguel Tio’, Pamela Turczyn, Aleta Welling, Nancy Wells, Keith Wigdor.