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My Journey into the Mische technique

When I joined the Society for Art of the Imagination in 2006, my painting “8:30 AM” was featured on the society’s site. I was very glad to join the society in view of the fact that many of my favorite artists happened to be among their members. A couple of days after joining, I received the following email from Brigid Marlin:


"Dear Miguel;
I saw your work on the Society's website and I wanted to write you to say how much I admire it!
Your colors are stunning and your ideas are amazing!
When I founded the Society for Art of Imagination I did not realize what joy
it would bring me by seeing the work of so many interesting artists.
Blessings on your work!
Brigid Marlin"


It meant so much to me to read her email since I have known Brigid Marlin`s work for many years and I had the opportunity to see it in person at the Brave Destiny exhibition in Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in 2003. I have always admired her work and I recognize it influence in my work.

 I was just going to have my most important solo show to date at Icosahedron Gallery in New York’s Tribeca section and it came to my mind to ask Brigid if she could write an introduction for the catalog of my exhibition. When I finally asked her she said that she would be very happy to do it… she wrote the introduction as an interview and it was perfect for the catalog. In one of many emails we exchanged during this time I expressed to her my wish to learn the Mische technique of painting used by the “Old Masters of the Renaissance” and that I planned  to follow the steps that she has listed on her website; She immediately answered me back saying that the technique was not as easy to execute as it seems to be on the page of her website; there were a lot more that only can be learned with a teacher. She also said  that since she was coming to New York, she would visit my exhibition and in another day she would teach it to me. Upon hearing this news it is not difficult to imagine how thrilled I became.


When I met Brigid in person I was not surprised to see a lovely lady with so much wisdom and an amazing sense of humor.

We spent one wonderful afternoon together, It was so great to listen to Brigid talk and demonstrate the technique, while she was working on her painting “Raining Tulips”.


 I will always be grateful to Brigid for initiating me into this technique which I have used in all the paintings I have since completed.


I wanted to do this page illustrating the different steps on the technique and I thought that there is not better way to do it but with a portrait of the person who taught it to me. The inspiration for this portrait came to me when we both traveled to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the exhibition “Where Science Meets Art” at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. We stayed at the “Victorian House” a B&B on campus that was designed and built by the students from the architecture and construction schools of the college. Brigid was sitting on the steps at the entrance of the Victorian House doing a painting for her show in Venice, Italy.  While she was observing one of the flowers on her hand I started to take photos without her noticing: these photos latter served as the references for this painting.
















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