Mische Technique on masonite

16" x 20", 2008

Not available for sale



Every time I have the opportunity to get out of the city, I always bring my canvas or masonite. Usually, they are small formats so it is easy to transport.


This is the case of this painting, Contemplation, which I started during the winter in a quiet upstate New York town named, Cochecton. I would only work on it during the times I was able to escape the city for a few days.


The landscape is not of Cochecton, but it reflects the feeling of contemplation I felt there.


Here are some pictures of the places where I worked on this painting:

The first photo is on the front porch of our dear friend’s house in Cochecton.

 The second image is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the last one is of the day I finished the work on a country house near Jamestown, New York.






 Copyright © by Miguel Tió