"Moments of Inspiration"

oil on canvas, 30" x 40", 2006


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It has been a desire of mine since I was a teenager to paint a portrait of Jesus but I felt at the time that I was not yet ready. Somehow today as a 46 year old man I still I feel the same way and it is why perhaps I painted myself as an old man on this painting.


I see Jesus as a revolutionary spiritual leader and a bearer of light to this world but this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a follower of the catholic faith or any other type of organized religion. I believe that the enlightenment of the soul is the only way back to our original source and is a personal journey which each individual has to set off on at some point of their existence regardless of their following (or not) of any religion…but I’ll stop right here because it isn’t my intention to go into too deep waters in the introduction of this painting.


After reading the statements of many other visionary artists I realized how important it is to bring these subjects out into the canvas. This second painting has a very special meaning to me because I saw and felt some of the beings that are portrayed observing me in the back on the painting.  Of those figures shown standing on the background I am only going to talk about the one closer to me which is my guide and has been inspiring me with my paintings for quite a while as he was a painter himself. He probably looks a little younger on this painting that the way I have seen him in my meditations but I have decided to leave him like that because the expression of his face is very accurate on the painting.






 Copyright © by Miguel Tió