"The Annunciation"

Oil on canvas, 50" x 70", 2003


In my personal interpretation of The Annunciation, the inclusion of Joseph is just as important and factual as that of Mary.  In my view, their love and spirit were both responsible for the conception and development of Jesus as the bearer of light.


I depict this Annunciation as a dreamlike state, emphasized by Joseph and Mary’s hearts glowing with light to convey the purity of their spirits.  Their intertwining veins are conduits of life and warmth that express the sharing of their unconditional love.


I also view their relationship and desires as being subject to nature’s laws just as all human beings are, and I express this in several ways to emphasize the erotic, the romantic and the sexual:  The union of their hands.  Their veins displayed more intensely near their erogenous zones.  The presence of a bitten apple.  Also reinforcing this concept is the image of Mary’s Ovum surrounded by Joseph’s spermatozoa, including one which has penetrated the ovum - this is the marvelous miracle of life, in both spirit and flesh, which continues throughout the world everyday.


The Angel Gabriel bestows upon them the blessings from God, expressed through a showering of beautiful and fragrant flowers.  These blessed flowers transcend the painting as they make their way onto the frame that surrounds them.


 Miguel Tió





Copyright © by Miguel Tió